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Interested in bike hire or buying an e-bike? Or do you have a general question? Great! Send us a message below. (we do not offer bike repairs or service unfortunately)


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Got questions? I’ve got answers!


What happens when a rental bike is damaged?
Every renter is responsible for the damage to the rental bike or theft. Normal wear and tear or minor scratches are accepted. Structural and heavy damage will be charged.
Of course we will look for a reasonable solution in case the bike is damaged.
Do you rent shoes and clothing?
We do not rent clothing items other than helmets.
Are the rental bikes insured?
It’s possible to buy extra insurance for damage for our rental bikes.
What do I need to bring to rent a bike?
You need a passport/id and a credit card or cash deposit. This €250,- for race bikes and €150,- for e-bikes.
Do you rent mountainbikes?
We also offer full suspension mountainbikes from Bianchi.
Can the bike be delivered?
We offer free delivery up to 15km from €100,- and up to 30km from €150,-. If this is not possible the we will charge €0,25 per kilometer. For 1 day rentals delivery is not possible unfortunately. We usually plan to deliver bikes before 09:00 and pick up after 18:00.
Am I allowed to bring the bike back earlier then the booking period?
Of course you can always bring your bike back earlier. Only in special situations a refund of the rental amount will be made. Once you have made the reservation we will decline other customers to rent the same bike.
Do you rent bikes for children?
We do not rent specific bikes for children. The smallest a person needs to be is 140cm.
Do you have a baby seat available?
Yes, we have Thule baby seats available and helmets. The weight limit is 25kg.
How fast do the e-bikes go?
The Bosch motor will assist you until 25km/h and will turn off completely at 27.5km/h. This is according to European law.


What types of bikes do you sell?
For 2023 we will sell Riese & Müller and Bianchi. These are mainly e-bikes. You can check to see all the models and options.
Do you sell used bikes?
We only have used bikes in stock if this has been traded in for a new one. Please stop by to see what we have in stock.
Do you buy used bikes?
We do not buy bikes directly from private parties. Only as a trade in on a new bike.
Do you sell e-bikes?
Yes, Riese & Müller offer a wide variety of e-bikes.

Service & Repairs

Can I bring my bike in for service?
Yes, if it was bought from us. We do not accept other bikes unfortunately.