Where should I pay attention when servicing an electric bicycle?

Battery life is affected by use. For example, if you leave it with a full or empty battery for four weeks, the service life will decrease. A battery must be used regularly to enjoy it for a long time. If you are not going to use the bicycle for a long time, store the battery with 50% capacity dry and at room temperature.

My advice: disconnect the battery from the bike when not in use. This improves the lifespan.

What if I want to buy a bicycle?

The most common question with an e-bike is ‘What’s the price?’. Unfortunately, this is not a standard answer. The price for an e-bike varies enormously. What few people know is that the price is largely determined by the battery and engine. In addition, the “look and feel” of the electric bike also plays a role in the purchase. Because you prefer a bicycle that makes you feel good? So if you are thinking about buying an e-bike, it is important to think about the following questions beforehand:

  • What will I use the bicycle for?
  • Am I going to cycle long or short distances?
  • Do I want to use the bicycle more often in one day?
  • If the battery is (almost) empty, how long does it take to charge?

In addition, a standard charger needs 7 to 8 hours to fully charge a 500Wh battery. It is difficult to estimate how much Wh battery you need, but I am happy to help you with that.

Tips for on the go

Bring a saddle bag with an inner tube and tools so you can change or repair a flat tire. You never know what can happen along the way.

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Are you comfortable on the (road)bike?

Often we get the question if we can take a look at people’s positions. The first thing we notice is that often people have a frame size too big or small. When purchasing a bicycle, the size is very important. When you use the road bike or mountain bike on a daily basis, good adjustment determines comfort and fun. The size of the frame plays an important role in this adjustment. For example, a much too long or too short stem affects the steering behavior of the bicycle. Sometimes it is better to buy another bicycle. A simple tip is to sit on the bike and put your heel on the pedal. For most people, this will be enough to get a good saddle height.


Comfortable on the bike

A bike fit contributes to a comfortable bike ride. So you know that not only the size of the frame is good, but also the stem length, handlebar width, crank length is good and the saddle is at the correct height. In addition, there are endless saddles available, wide, narrow, long, short for everyone, there is a saddle that suits his / her posture/physique. This also determines the comfort of your bicycle ride.

Did you know that when changing your handlebar and stem you should always take the dimensions into account and coordinate them. Even within a brand, the reach of a handlebar can differ. This means that your current stem may be too short or too long. Are you already taking this into account?

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